When she was 8 years old, she first appeared on stage with a Berlin country band, at that time with a guitar in her hand, and came up with the idea of earning a living with music. At the age of 16 she founded her first band as the youngest member. The first songs in English were written in the 90s. One of these songs reached number one in the independent single charts in the USA. Whether live or in the studio, she sums up the feeling in songs by Elvis or the rock by Adele and Tina Turner as well as the pep of a Shania Twain or the swing of Ella Fitzgerald. Since the 2000s Carola Adam alias C.C. Adams has been a popular singer in the Berlin music scene with her exceptionally versatile voice.




At the tender age of 14, while carelessly handling the parents' vinyl records, he got infected with a never-ending virus: Beat-Music, Rock&Roll and Soul of the Sixties! The role model (then as now) was: Sir Paul Mc Cartney. Other band projects: Leeman & The Gang, Electric Crossfire and Rotosonix. Every now and then Joe's virtuoso skills are also used as guest-musician by the following bands: Hardbeat Five, Berlin Beat Club, Rubber Soul, Yellow Times and Johnny Raw & The Cutters. Now he belongs to us and Countryrock!




... also known as the "guitar player of Mexico", had to leave his homeland at a young age due to countless amorous affairs and began a new life in Europe, which he dedicated to music. Here he experienced for the first time the musical variety beyond folklore and dedicated himself to hard rock. With increasing wisdom he was also influenced by blues and jazz, which made him a very versatile musician and guitarist. Trips to the country music gave him the finishing touch to rock Catching Shania. Caramba-Olè!!!




Born a long time ago in Berlin and never been away. Former class clown - now senior of the band. Played flute, piano and guitar as a child, later in many well-known bands like Taxmen / Lipstick / Tuxedo Junction / Hot Stuff / Hoover Brother. Now fixing the sounds for this formation.





In the summer of 2017, the 28-year-old from Lower Saxony made his way to the capital and since then the rock and blues drummer has been drumming his way through the Berlin scene.